Educational Videos

 Click here to watch an educational video about your Total Shoulder Replacement surgery (provided by Orthopedic Associates of Hartford).

Tips for a Successful Shoulder Recovery

Making simple changes in your home before surgery can make your recovery period easier and safer.

For the first several weeks after surgery it will be hard to reach high shelves and cupboards. Before your surgery, be sure to go through your home and place any items you will need on lower shelves or even the counter tops.

Other arrangements that you should make prior to surgery are:

  • Prepare microwavable meals
  • Stock up on nutritious ready-made meals
  • Remove scatter rugs
  • Reduce and/or eliminate clutter which can be a safety hazard
  • Organize your clothes, closets and drawers for easier access
  • Wear loose-fitting stretchable clothing with no/minimal fasteners
  • Consider shirts with button front or with large neck openings

When you come home, you will need help for a few weeks with some daily tasks like bathing, dressing, undressing.

Do’s & Don’t’s


  • Wear your sling as instructed
  • Ice as indicated by your surgeon and/or therapist
  • Follow the exercise program prescribed for you
  • Ask for assistance
  • Any light housework/activity you can do with one hand
  • Use your non-surgical arm to do all the work


  • Don’t use your operated arm to push up in bed or from a chair because this requires forceful contraction of muscles
  • Don’t lift anything – no lifting with your operative arm for 6-8 weeks
  • Don’t pull with your operative arm
  • Don’t place your arm in any extreme position, such as straight out to the side or behind your body
  • Don’t rotate your arm outward or away from your body