Educational Videos

Click here to watch an educational video about your Total Knee Replacement surgery (provided by Orthopedic Associates of Hartford).

Tips for a Successful Knee Recovery

Making simple changes in your home before surgery can make your recovery period easier and safer.

For the first several weeks after surgery, it will be hard to reach high shelves and/or low cupboards. Before your surgery, be sure to go through your home and place any items you will need on lower shelves or even the counter tops.

Other arrangements that you should make prior to surgery are:

  • Prepare microwavable meals
  • Stock up on nutritious ready-made meals
  • Remove scatter rugs
  • Reduce and/or eliminate clutter which can be a safety hazard
  • Organize your clothes, closets and drawers for easier access
  • Wear loose-fitting stretchable clothing
  • Consider adding a safety bar and a bench to your shower
  • Use a raised toilet seat
  • Use a chair with a firm cushion and two arms to easily get up and down and a foot stool
  • Place items you use frequently within easy reach so you do not have to reach up or bend down
  • Consider temporarily living on one floor if possible, as stairs may be difficult to navigate during the early stages of recovery
  • Arrange furniture to accommodate walking with crutches, cane or walker